Alekii Centre, Kenya

Serving community with Passion

Volunteer Work 


Our Volunteer programs are a great opportunity for you to travel to Kenya and experience true Kenyan culture, while also greatly improving the lives of children who desperately need your help.  These three week volunteer programs usually comprise of 10-15 volunteers from a variety of nations and backgrounds. Visit our Facebook page for more updates

Anyone can be a volunteer - teachers, sports activists, Fundraisers, engineers, photographers, web designers, doctors, students, carpenters, travelers, mothers, fathers, etc.  We welcome anyone who is motivated.

Our group is comprised of both men and women, old and young, and we all work together in order to benefit the local children and hopefully ultimately benefit the greater world.  Many of the children that we support are orphans and vulnerable children, and we attempt to provide them basic education, food, and any resources that they need in order to survive and prosper.  It is a big goal and we need your help in order to achieve it.

At our volunteer programs, volunteers normally engage in a variety of activities including (but not limited to) farming, community work, class teaching, sports playing, feeding the young children, garden preparation, construction work, caring for the donkey, goats, and cows, etc.  All work that you do helps our group to continue to be functioning as best as possible in order to help the children.  Volunteers work for about 5-6 hours a day during the week, and on the weekends volunteers can take part in excursions in order to learn more about the local area.

Volunteers live in a home stay program while here, closely linked with the school.  Volunteers are given a chance to experience a very authentic African lifestyle in all aspects.  It is a great chance for you to be a part of a different culture and to learn about how others live their lives. 

Volunteers who attend our normal volunteer programs are expected to pay a small fee of $5 each per day in order to help support themselves and the program while they are here. Normally we appeal to our volunteers to give at least a small donation to the project

The $5 per day per person fee includes:

  • Cost sharing fee for meals during your stay

The $5 fee does *NOT* include:

  • Airport Pick-Up from Kisumu, Kenya
  • Airport Drop-Off at Kisumu, Kenya
  • Extra costs of sightseeing/weekend excursions
  • Costs of bottled water/soda
  • Visa costs upon entry of the country (About $25)
  • Travel to reach Kisumu, Kenya


Though the $5 fee does not include these things, please be aware that local sightseeing and bottled water are quite inexpensive compared to other parts of the world.

Volunteers are requested to come with sleeping bags and a mosquito net - both easily bought at home.


If you want to come for the April, August and December Workcamps, outside of our normal volunteer programs, See here for more details

Our main priority right now is to increase the number of volunteers coming for monthly volunteer program. We normally hold work camps as of April, August and December from 9-30.  If you are interested in coming to volunteer in Kenya for a team work camp, please click on the Volunteer Tab at the top of the website. Between 19-22 during these months, we will be running our Eco tour programme visiting many exotic places in Kenya like Maasai National Park.

Volunteer FAQ

How can I reach Rusinga Island

    Book a flight to the Kisumu airport.  If you are coming for a work camp, we will pick you up there.

    If you are coming outside of the work camp, then you may need to reach Rusinga Island on your own.  To do this, fly into the Kisumu Airport, then take a bus to LWANDA KOTIENO, and thereafter, you will board a FERRY to MBITA. While at Mbita, we will pick you and have a motorcycle ride to RUSINGA Island.

    You can also give us a call while in the country +254774057230, +254774555460

    What can I bring along

    Work Clothes

    Long pants, t-shirts and sturdy shoes would be worn at the work site; (long pants give better protection from sunburn, bee stings & poison ivy). Shorts are allowed but they must not be short shorts. Do not wear halter tops, swim suit tops, spaghetti strap tops, sports bras or other revealing tops. Good shoes are needed for work - not just sandals. Old clothes are advisable since you may be painting or working with roofing tar and will get very dirty. Bring at least one long sleeved shirt, though many people bring several to avoid the sun and bugs. Please bring enough work clothes for the entire week. Remember to bring a pair of gloves and a hat.

    Leisure Clothes

    You will need comfortable clothes to wear at the center and to any outside activities. We ask that you use discretion, no short shorts or revealing tops.

    Personal Items:

    A towel, toiletries (though many basic things like soap and shampoo can be bought here very cheaply), a sleeping bag, and a pillow.

    Optional Items:

    Additional tools, camera and film, recreational equipment, Volleyball, Frisbee, football, softball & bat, board games, and cards. (Please put your name on them).

    Do not bring valuables. You may bring cd players and Ipods. You will need some money with you, but you may want to budget for any outside activities, snacks or other needs during the week. Organize with your Bank and inquire if you will be able to use your VISA Card or Master Card in Kenya.

    When packing, think about the hard work, sweat and dirt. Don’t pack your favorite shirt or best jeans to work in. Pack as light as possible but be sure to have several different changes of clothes.

    Work hard, be careful, meet new friends, learn, and have fun!