Alekii Centre, Kenya

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Alekii Centre

P.O Box 56, Mbita 40305 Kenya.

Tel: +254725213873/+254774057230

Email: [email protected]

Where we are

We are situated in Lwanda Rombo Village, Rusinga East Location, Rusinga Island, in Lake Victoria, Kenya.

Balmly tropical weather and the clear cool waters of Lake Victoria, make Mbita an ideal place for relaxing on the shores. Wide warm sandy beaches, perfect for swimming fringe the lake, surrounded by quiet fishing villages and lush green hills. The lake is ideal for exploration by boat and is regarded as Africa's finest fishing grounds. The place is a paradise for birdwatchers.

You'll have an opportunity to tour the surrounding area. Western Kenya is one of Kenya's least known and visited regions. The area has a lot to offer to visitors and is an undiscovered world of wonders. The west coast is endlessly diverse and has lush green highlands, tropical rainforests, the great expanse of Lake Victoria - the legendary source of the Nile, and much, much more. The region is home to fascinating cultures, mythology and a history that lives and breathes in sacred sites and thriving traditional festivals. Stunning landscapes, wonderful wildlife, adventures, bird watching and more all await the visitor to Kenya's west coast.